2023 NYS Elections Commissioner Association Democratic Caucus Legislative Priorities

(At last week’s NYSECA conference the NYSECA Legislative committee propsed a legislative package that was supported by both caucuses and with near unanimous support of the entire association. The Democratic Caucus of Commissioners have adopted all of these bi-partisan recemondations and hacve a few more we are making as a caucus in addition. Below isContinue reading “2023 NYS Elections Commissioner Association Democratic Caucus Legislative Priorities”

Lawsuit against Onondaga County legislative maps wins first major legal milestone.

On January 12, 2023 we won a major victory in our lawsuit against Onondaga County Legislative maps. The County has spent the last three months delaying our suit asking for it to be dismissed on a technicality instead of defending their illegal maps. Their motion has now been dismissed and we can now move toContinue reading “Lawsuit against Onondaga County legislative maps wins first major legal milestone.”

2022 on Dustinczarny.com

On January 1, 2022, I decided to launch Dustinczarny.com.  Since I became elections commissioner in 2013 one of my goals was to find ways to communicate to the public more effectively.  I started a Professional Facebook page in 2018 to amplify my already existing other social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and YouTube. Continue reading “2022 on Dustinczarny.com”

George Santos should resign, but probably won’t.

If George Santos was a decent person, he would resign.  Of course, a decent person would not habitually lie about seemingly every aspect of their life in a desperate attempt to win political office.  We are used to politicians stretching the truth, embellishing a legislative accomplishment, but this goes so far beyond the pale.  IContinue reading “George Santos should resign, but probably won’t.”

On Donald Trump’s call for termination of our constitution…

I have been struggling to talk about the former POTUS calling for the termination of our constitution. It is so incredibly dangerous to put this idea into the electorate. Its near insane to do so by tying it to lies about the last election. This is beyond anything before. Yes Trumps involvement in January 6thContinue reading “On Donald Trump’s call for termination of our constitution…”

My Speech to the Onondaga County Democratic Committee

On October 6, 2022 I was unanimously nominated for a 6th term as Elections Commissioner of Onondaga County Board of Elections by the Onondaga County Democratic Committee. Here is the speech I gave. Congratulations to our new officers Max Ruckdeschel (Chair), Prerna Deer (Secretary), and Dan Petrick (treasurer). Subscribe to dustinczarny.com for all content andContinue reading “My Speech to the Onondaga County Democratic Committee”

Today I turn 50 and I have a fight I want to tell you about

Dear Friends, Today I turn 50 years old. I am sending this email to tell you about a project I have dedicated the last ten years of my life to, stopping Gerrymandering in Onondaga County.  I am asking you consider making a donation to fight gerrymandering in Onondaga County as well as set a precedent toContinue reading “Today I turn 50 and I have a fight I want to tell you about”

On Changing Traditions or How I Learned to Relax and Become a Buffalo Bills Fan.

In the fifth grade I had been diagnosed with a bone infection. It came on suddenly and within days I was unable to walk. I spent 6 weeks in the hospital and another 6 weeks at home as I recovered from this near-death infection. My hospital stay started in December of 1983. As I enteredContinue reading “On Changing Traditions or How I Learned to Relax and Become a Buffalo Bills Fan.”

Lawsuit on Challenging Onondaga County map

In August I took part in a Press Conference today with Legislator Chris Ryan and Common Council President Helen Hudson announcing the filing of a legal challenge to the Onondaga County Legislative maps which we allege are a partisan and racial gerrymander in violation of the Onondaga County Charter, the Municipal Home Rule Law, andContinue reading “Lawsuit on Challenging Onondaga County map”