I regularly appear in local and statewide media discussing NY elections and reform. Here are some highlighted appearances that I have been on throughout the years.

What Voting Means to Me Podcast

I was honored to appear on this great podcast. Dr. Mara Suttman and I discuss my journey in politics going from my earliest memories of when I realized we are in a Democracy. We discussed the importance of voting and protecting the vote, as well as what voting means to me: The symbolization of hope.…

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New Yorkers gain more opportunities to vote – Capitol Pressroom

Onondaga County Democratic Elections Commissioner Dustin Czarny explains new laws that will expand the number of early voting sites in New York, allow counties to count absentee votes sooner than in the past and ensures New Yorkers can apply for and track their mail-in ballot online. Subscribe to get more updates from dustinczarny.com

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