Commissioner in a Car – Tuesdays 5pm FB Live

lection. Because of the horrible cell reception in my office I started recording a series of videos in my car before work explaining election topics. The name Commissioner in a Car was born. I used it infrequently until the pandemic hit in March of 2020 and then it became a weekly feature. I recap the weekly election news in Onondaga County and throughout NY state while taking questions and explaining election deadlines and regulations. Every Monday at 5pm you can watch on Facebook live and shortly after air it will appear on my Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcast, and other platforms on Anchor.FM

Zoom with Czarny – Weekly release on Thursday mornings

I appear often in local and statewide media to comment on election matters at the Onondaga County BOE or proposed legislation changes As the pandemic in 2020 continued I realized that candidates and Democracy advocates were lacking forums to inform voters. I launched an interview podcast in May of 2020 to give Democratic candidates and Democracy partners a platform to reach citizens. Every Friday morning you can watch on Facebook or Youtube, and listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and other platforms on Anchor.FM

Zoom with Czarny: Liverpool Village Democrats

Today I sit down with Liverpool Together. Stacy Finney for Liverpool Mayor & Rachel Ciotti and Melissa Cassidy running for Liverpool Village trustee. These Democrats are contesting the Liverpool village elections for the first time in twenty years. Enjoy! Follow them here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100092671784688 Contribute here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/salina-democratic-committee-2 Village Election June 20th, 2023 noon-9pm At Village Hall…

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Zoom with Czarny: Lysander Town Democratic Candidates

This week I sit down with the Lysander Democratic Committee candidates Kevin Rode for Lysander Supervisor, Will Stowell for Town Board, and Ken Christopher for Lysander Town Justice. We talk about running for office in a traditionally red town as well as their vision for Lysander. Enjoy. Subscribe to dustinczarny.com for all election news and…

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