I appear often in local and statewide media to comment on election matters at the Onondaga County Board of Elections or proposed Election reform and administrative changes throughout New York State. Here is a collection of media mentions.

Senate Majority To Pass Legislation To Reform NY’s Local Boards Of Elections – Harlem World

Dustin Czarny, Chair of the NYS Elections Commissioner Democratic Caucus said: “The New York Senate’s continued focus on our Democracy is laudable and prescient in this time of election denial and voter suppression. The tradition of first day election reforms sets the tone for the rest of the session. These reforms will enhance the experience…

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YEAR IN REVIEW: A look back at Baldwinsville’s top stories of 2022 – Eagle News

Write-in campaign sparks election discussion A small group of village residents held a last-minute write-in campaign to make a statement about Baldwinsville’s election process in March. … Unlike the villages of Elbridge, Solvay, Camillus, East Syracuse and Tully, Baldwinsville has long been resistant to moving its election to November, where it would fall under the…

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Mannion beats Shiroff by 10 votes in 50th NY Senate district; judge orders election certified –

“All told, that resulted in in Mannion losing 18 votes and Shiroff losing 11 votes from the recount figures. With those votes removed, Mannion ended the race with a 10-vote lead, Democratic Onondaga County elections commissioner Dustin Czarny confirmed.”

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Recount slightly shrinks Mannion’s lead in state Senate race; result still uncertain –

The Onondaga County Board of Elections said it had 100 ballots with objections. Sixty-five of those objections came from Shiroff’s lawyer, 24 came from Mannion’s and 11 were protested by both lawyers. Local election commissioners Dustin Czarny and Michele Sardo shared the same opinion on what should be done with 81 of the protested ballots.…

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Law aims to fix “Wrong Church”; problem that impacted 2020 votes, ensure votes count –

“CNY Central News spoke with Board of Election Commissioners from Onondaga County. Both Democrat Commissioner Dustin Czarny and Republican Commissioner Michele Sardo explained that affidavit ballots fitting this “Wrong Church” description are not counted and they estimated those ballots could make up about 10% of all affidavit ballots cast on any given Election Day. Both…

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