The Weekly Wonk

In August of 2020 I started a column diving into the registration and election data in Onondaga County. This deep dive into statistics and numbers focused on a different topic each week. It helps explain some of the changing demographics of our county. I also present recaps for each election on how the Onondaga County Board of Elections functions. In August of 2022 I have merged my Semi regular Sunday Thoughts and Wonky Wednesday to the Weekly Wonk and releasing it on the weekend.

The Weekly Wonk: June Primary Overall Turnout

Welcome to the #weeklywonk.  This is my weekly blog about statistics, registration data, and election law on my website,  This is a rebrand of my #wonkywednesday and #sundaythoughts columns I have been writing since 2020.  In merging these two side projects together I am hoping to be a little more regular in my production. …

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