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Every vote is a hope. A hope for a better future for the person casting that vote. We should protect that hope as if it were our own.

-Dustin Czarny

Onondaga County Redistricting Lawsuit Information


My podcasts can be found on Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, Apple, or Anchor.fm. A bi-weekly podcast series focusing on Elections and Politics in Onondaga County & New York State.


My weekly blog The Weekly Wonk deals with statistics, data, and election law for Onondaga County and New York State. I also have compiled Editorials and Testimony I have given over the years.


I regularly appear in local and statewide media discussing NY elections and reform. Here are some features and interviews I have collected throughout the years from local and statewide media.

Onondaga BOE

If you are looking to register to vote, apply for an absentee, registering to vote, get election data, or any other election function visit the Onondaga County Board of Elections website.

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Commissioner in a Car: 50k hand counted Ballots

I give an update on the hand count in the #SD50 race as we have canvassed over 50k of the 95k ballots in this race. We may be done by Tuesday. We also plan to certify the 2022 General election tomorrow. Visit onvote.net to get the results once done. Subscribe to dustinczarny.com for election news…

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