Wonky Wednesday:  Registrations and absentees in Onondaga County

I haven’t been able to really dig in and do a wonky Wednesday in a bit but I have been compiling some data for my Data Show I plan to do Sunday night before the election.  Here is some preview of some pertinent data as it stands in Onondaga County for the 2020 election.  Hope you enjoy.


This is the registration states of Onondaga County by party for each month of 2020. We can see dramatic growth for both parties in the last month but overall on the year its the Non-enrolled that has seen the most gains, adding 6400 plus voters to their roles followed closely by the Democrats at 5800, and the GOP at about 2700 and 3rd party enrollment only rising by 233. In fact the Non-enrolled is closer than ever to surpassing the GOP in the county as it did inside the City of Syracuse.


The bulk of the registration gains we have seen in Onondaga County to get to our record registration level has been since the June primary. COVID pushed the registration activity to the last few months of the election necessitating OCBOE to work 12 hour days to catch up. IN the 8 months between the 2019 election and the June primary we only added 950 new registrations, since then 14631 new registrations. Nearly 13000 of those registrations were added between September 1,2020 and October 21, 2020


On September 25th I started tracking daily absentee numbers to track work flow.  From the beginning it was clear Democrats were taking advantage of the expanded absentee process.  Their request rate is more than the GOP and N/E request rate combined.  In fact the N/Es have far surpassed the GOP on requests for absentees.


However it is not just requests for absentees that Democrats are excelling at. Its return of absentees as well. We see Democrats returning them at a higher number and a higher percentage rate then GOP and N/e voters with substantially over 50% returned.

Tune into my data show on November 1 to see more.

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