Today I turn 50 and I have a fight I want to tell you about

Dear Friends,

Today I turn 50 years old. I am sending this email to tell you about a project I have dedicated the last ten years of my life to, stopping Gerrymandering in Onondaga County.  I am asking you consider making a donation to fight gerrymandering in Onondaga County as well as set a precedent to help all communities in new York  You can learn more here.

In 2011 the Onondaga County GOP carved up our community with a political gerrymander that enshrined GOP rule in an otherwise blue leaning county. Like many of us across the county we fell asleep at the switch then. For ten years as Elections Commissioner, I have watched how these districts insulated incumbents and protected GOP rule.

In 2021 the Onondaga County GOP went a step further. Not only did they reject and break their promise of a citizen-led redistricting effort, rushed and flawed redistricting process to enact a racial and political gerrymander that violates the New York State redistricting laws and divides our community further. Even editorial board called for a more transparent process. We stood up together at public hearings and legislature meetings. In the end after one illegal map was vetoed the legislature and County Executive ignored all public comments and rushed through another illegal partisan gerrymander, we had no choice but to take this to court. We vowed to do just that and now we are.

The good news is Onondaga County Democrats are fighting back against the illegal gerrymandered maps of the Onondaga County Legislature. We fought together at the end of last year to try and get fair maps in Onondaga County. Over the last 8 months we have fundraised and put together a group of citizens to file a lawsuit to challenge this map. In our research we found experts that have backed up our claims and honed our legal arguments. We watched as the New York State redistricting process called for a special master. 

You can learn all about our lawsuit here:

We believe we have an exceptionally good chance at winning this case and striking a blow against partisan gerrymandering.  But we need your help.

We anticipate a costly trial and possible appeal. Our opponents will not lack resources. They will have the backing of the entirety of Onondaga County Government at their disposal. They have already used county funds to contract with an expensive outside counsel to fight us. Our grassroots effort depends on citizen’s good will. We need to raise more money for trial and appeal and additional expert witnesses. Any small donation will help.

In honor of my birthday will you donate $50 today? Any amount can help us in this great cause. You can donate online today:

In addition to donating, you can also help us by sharing the news on this and the donation link above on your social feeds.  It will take all citizens of good will to win this fight and bring fairness to Onondaga County.

This is our last shot at stopping Gerrymandering in Onondaga County. I hope not to have to spend the next ten years fighting for fair redistricting. This lawsuit can ensure fairness for Onondaga County voters and set a precedent for others around the state to fight back against similar plans.

I hope you join us in this fight.

Dustin Czarny

(This is sent from my personal email and not a fundraising list and I will not be sending another after today.  Thank you for your patience in reading this.)

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