On Donald Trump’s call for termination of our constitution…

USA Constitution with feather quill pen.

I have been struggling to talk about the former POTUS calling for the termination of our constitution. It is so incredibly dangerous to put this idea into the electorate. Its near insane to do so by tying it to lies about the last election. This is beyond anything before.

Yes Trumps involvement in January 6th was bad, very bad. However at least that was wrapped, falsely, in the constitutional process of accepting the election. This now is not inciting an insurrection, its stoking the flames of stochastic terrorism and open revolt.

Once again the congressional GOP is refusing to do anything about it. We should not be surprised. They had two presidential elections, two mid terms, two impeachments & an open insurrection to rid themselves of Trump. They refused to do anything at all & each time made it worse.

We are seeing the culmination of decades of election misinformation and blaming others for all of America’s woes. This is now resulting in the very real threatening of every right we have. The constitution isn’t just a paper, its our only shield against authoritarianism.

Lets be clear this was done because GOP politicians found it easier to stoke fear to gain political power instead of modifying their views to keep up with the racially diverse modern electorate. Voter id laws and gerrymandering have given way to election denial and insurrection.

We do not live in a time where we can take a year off. To be truthful we can’t take a month off, not a week, not a day. We must be guardians of our democracy on every level from school board to the Whitehouse. It is not just about who wins the next federal election.

We are in a generational ideological battle and it will take years of struggle to beat these anti-democratic forces everywhere these dangerous notions ferment. We must defend the ability of the electorate being able to choose who governs them and hold them accountable everyday.

Dustin Czarny

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