My Reaction to the State of the Union spectacle last night.

The problem with the ultra-maga depiction of Joe Biden as a feeble incoherent doddering old man, besides the fact that it is mean-spirited, is that it is untrue.

So when President Joe Biden masterfully goes into a room like he did last night, it is tailor-made for him to own the cons.

He showed his empathy and intelligence, laid out not only his accomplishments but exposed the wishes of the other side. Doing so when the expectations set by the right were so low is more impactful. He outmaneuvered them at the moment and set them up all night.

Now the focus should be on the GOP proposals and policies. Joe Biden laid out his plans in a masterful speech. The GOP booed and acted like children, so now it’s time for them to show their policy proposals. Want spending cuts for the debt ceiling to rise? Show us what you want to cut.

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