Memorandum of Support: S644/A1258 Minimum Staffing Bill

(As Chair of the Democratic Caucus of NYSECA I will from time to time issue Memorandums of Support on Election bills before the NYS Legislature. I am posting them on my website for lawmakers and the public to know our positions. You can see my caucus’ legislative priorities here as well as the Bi-Partisan Legislative agenda for NYSECA here. If you agree with this bill consider contacting your local representative and asking them to support the bill.)

Memorandum of Support

Bill:  S644/A1258

Sponsor:  Mannion/Hunter

Summary:  Requires every board of elections to employ a minimum of four full time employees in addition to the appointed commissioners and two additional employees for every twenty thousand active registered voters beyond forty thousand active registered voters.

The NYS Election Commissioners Association Democratic Caucus supports S644/A1258 which would establish a minimum level of staffing for Boards of Elections throughout New York State.  Under this bill over 20 counties will receive a mandatory boost in staffing as we prepare for the 2024 Presidential election.  This staffing is desperately needed this year as online and automatic voter registration adds to our ever-increasing voter registration requirements. 

By establishing a minimum staffing level counties can prepare their budgets next year and beyond.  This will also provide basic support to every county in New York.  By removing the wide disparity in staffing levels citizens will be able to avail themselves of the same basic level of services and speed no matter where they live in New York State.  It will also inoculate Boards of Elections from irresponsible staffing cuts made by County governments that could disenfranchise voters.

The Democratic Caucus supports this bill in our 2023 Legislative Priorities and we note it is also supported by the NYS Election Commissioners Association Bi-Partisan Legislative Agenda.  Passing this bill will strengthen the backbone of our bi-partisan election system in New York and we urge the legislature to pass this bill and the Governor to sign it as soon as possible.

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