I have joined the Faces of Democracy at Issue One

I am pleased today to announce that I have joined the Faces of Democracy with Issue One. This bi-partisan group is made up of some of the more notable Election Administrators and advocates in the country. It is a bi-partisan group that is working together on the following issues:

Election officials and poll workers should not face political pressure, threats, or intimidation for doing their jobs and protecting the integrity of our elections

Elections are essential infrastructure for our democracy and Congress should provide states and localities with regular, predictable, and sufficient funding

I am happy to be a part of this project. For the past six years I have worked to advance these very goals in New York State and now I get a chance to work with like minded administrators from across the country to advance these goals on a national level. In June I will be travelling to DC as part of Issue Ones second annual DC trip to meet with officials on Capitol Hill, the White House, federal agencies (Department of Justice and Homeland Security) and more.

You can see the amazing group of election officials I am joining here, and yes my profile is there as well.

You can follow Faces of Democracy on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn

You can also subscribe to dustinczarny.com for all election news and content updates.

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