Memorandum of Support: S371/A2633 Democracy Preservation Act

(As Chair of the Democratic Caucus of NYSECA I will from time to time issue Memorandums of Support on Election bills before the NYS Legislature. I am posting them on my website for lawmakers and the public to know our positions. You can see my caucus’ legislative priorities here as well as the Bi-Partisan Legislative agenda for NYSECA here. This bill is part of a list of bills that we were asked to consider by Assembly members or Senators to support. You can read that list here. If you agree with this bill consider contacting your local representative and asking them to support the bill.)

Memorandum of Support

Bill: S371/A2633

Sponsor:  Gianaris/Walker

Summary: Enacts the democracy preservation act; prohibits contributions by foreign-influenced business entities; requires certification.

Justification: The NYS Election Commissioners Association Democratic Caucus supports S371/A2633, which bans ban political spending by foreign-influenced business entities in New York's state and local elections. Without adequate protections from federal or state law there is a significant risk of influence by foreign owned corporations in our electorate.  
The influence of foreign money on an election can be detrimental to the democratic process of a country. When foreign entities are allowed to contribute money to political campaigns, they can sway the outcome of an election by favoring one candidate over another or promoting a particular agenda. This can lead to a loss of control over a country's political system and undermine the trust of the people in their elected officials. Additionally, foreign interference in an election can violate a country's sovereignty and compromise its national security. It is therefore essential to have strict regulations and enforcement mechanisms in place to prevent foreign money from influencing the outcome of elections and to ensure the integrity of the democratic process.

The Democratic Caucus supports this bill.  Passing this bill will strengthen the backbone of our bi-partisan election system in New York and we urge the legislature to pass this bill and the Governor to sign it as soon as possible.

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