On Trump’s CNN Town Hall – its about Superiority.

I have said this before but Ill say it again. The Trump Town Hall last night once again crystalizes the issue we face as a country. It is about the right’s view that they dont just have differences with the majority of the country, but that they are superior than the majority.

This justifies the cruelty. It justifies the hypocrisy. It justifies attacking our Democracy. It justifies inequity in resources. It justifies using government to propel their personal and political fortunes. It justifies anything because their superiority is what matters most.

We no longer have the luxury of being surprised by this. We have known for years that the national GOP instead of moderating their unpopular positions has decided to embrace this philosophy of superiority for short term Democratic gains. We must unite and fight against it.

We still have a chance. Its at the ballot box. Its at the ballot box every year. We can not continue to ignore those who embrace this dangerous philosophy as harmless because they aren’t running for federal office. Local elections breed future leaders. We must vote our way out.

It is the only way, and it will not be one election. It will not be only Presidential years. It is a generational struggle that we must engage even if we are tired. Even if we lose some races. Even if we stumble along the way. We must rise up and vote our way out every year.

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