Hand recount ongoing in uncalled race for New York’s 50th Senate seat – Spectrum News

“For the most part, what we’re seeing is the hand count is confirming the machine count,” said Onondaga County Democratic Elections Commissioner Dustin Czarny. “A couple of ballots here and there that are now counted or discounted because of the machines are incredibly accurate but when we are talking about a 50 vote race there’sContinue reading “Hand recount ongoing in uncalled race for New York’s 50th Senate seat – Spectrum News”

Oops. Green ink. Stray marks. Inside the largest hand recount in Onondaga County history – Syracuse.com

“It wasn’t like 2020 where we saw thousands of ridiculous objections,” Czarny said. “There were a minimal number of objections. I think it went like we thought it would.” https://www.syracuse.com/news/2022/11/oops-green-ink-stray-marks-inside-the-largest-hand-recount-in-onondaga-county-history.html

The tight race for NY-50 Senate race leads to a hand recount starting Tuesday – CNYCentral

“In an ultra-close race like this, every vote counts,” said Dustin Czarny. “And we have to make sure every vote is counted. This is the only way to really, truly say who won.” https://cnycentral.com/news/local/the-hand-recount-for-ny-50-senate-race-begins-today

Tight race requires mandatory hand count for 50th State Senate District – Newschannel 9

“When races are this close, the extra time taken to make sure who won the race is important. This process is much longer and we’re not going to have any haste in it. We need to be accurate, and so we’re going to take some time to get this right.” https://www.localsyr.com/news/your-local-election-hq/tight-race-requires-mandatory-hand-count-for-50th-state-senate-district/

How new law dramatically reduces vote-by-vote court battles in razor-thin 50th NY Senate race – Syracuse.com

Unlike absentee and affidavit ballots, election law allows even counted in-person ballots to be challenged in court at a later date, Czarny said. Because they were already fed through voting machines, there are expected to be fewer questions regarding in-person ballots, Czarny said. But commissioners are allowed to consider voter intent during the manual recount,Continue reading “How new law dramatically reduces vote-by-vote court battles in razor-thin 50th NY Senate race – Syracuse.com”

Mannion expands narrow lead over Shiroff in race for 50th Senate District – CNYCentral.com

“It all depends on when Oswego is ready to go, and it depends on whether the court has decided a guideline for us. So, we’ve got a lot of questions to answer there,” explained Czarny. https://cnycentral.com/news/election/mannion-expands-narrow-lead-over-shiroff-in-race-for-50th-senate-district#

Williams wins 22nd Congressional District race; Toby Shelley to be next Onondaga County Sheriff – WAER

“It’s not really legally a responsibility of a campaign to concede or declare victory. What we’re looking for here is what the votes are. That should be what drives the narrative in close races.” https://www.waer.org/news/2022-11-16/williams-wins-22nd-congressional-district-race-toby-shelley-to-be-next-onondaga-county-sheriff

Your Stories: What is an affidavit ballot? – Newschannel 9

“Dustin Czarny with the Onondaga County Board of Elections said an affidavit ballot is given to someone who shows up to a polling location on election day but their name isn’t showing up in the poll books.” https://www.localsyr.com/news/local-news/your-stories-what-is-an-affidavit-ballot/

Toby Shelley wins Onondaga County sheriff race – Syracuse.com

“That race is over. That race is not headed to a hand count” Czarny said. “Toby Shelley is well outside that margin, he will be certified on Tuesday as the next Sheriff of Onondaga County.” Only 199 ballots are still uncounted, too few to change the results, Czarny said. https://www.syracuse.com/politics/cny/2022/11/toby-shelley-wins-onondaga-county-sheriff-race.html