Welcome to dustinczarny.com

I want to take a moment to welcome you to my website. This is my new home for my various election related projects that I have started over the last few years. As Onondaga County’s Democratic Elections Commissioner I am always looking for ways to further educate voters and navigate them through the arcane web of New York’s electoral system.

On my podcast page you can find my ongoing Commissioner in a Car series. A weekly Facebook live show dedicated to election news and deadlines. I also started a weekly interview series for candidates and Democracy advocates called Zoom with Czarny.

This will also serve as a home for my writings. On occasion I am blessed to testify in my role as Democratic Caucus Chair of the NYS Elections Commissioner Association. I have appeared in front of the NYS Legislature, Onondaga County Legislature, and Syracuse Common Council. I have collected my previous testimony here with video links when available.

I also have a weekly statistics blog called Wonky Wednesday. This column is dedicated to examining the election statistics and registration data in Onondaga County and throughout New York State. I also will from time to time author editorials and opinion articles on election related topics. You can find those writings on my editorial page.

On occasion I appear on feature podcasts and tv shows. These longer programs offer me the ability to discuss complicated election issues on my featured page. Finally I regularly appear in local and statewide media on election related matters. I am compiling all current and past appearances on my interview page.

This website and all programming is entirely paid for by my personal funds. I do not accept donations or advertising. This is all part of my voter education and outreach efforts. If you are interested you can subscribe to my website and get updates when I post content. Thank you for visiting.

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