2022 on Dustinczarny.com

On January 1, 2022, I decided to launch Dustinczarny.com.  Since I became elections commissioner in 2013 one of my goals was to find ways to communicate to the public more effectively.  I started a Professional Facebook page in 2018 to amplify my already existing other social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and YouTube.  In 2020 I started podcasting on Spotify and starting a weekly blog on Tumblr as well.  All of this content though was spread out and I wanted to have a central collection point for this content as well as the election news I was involved in to be cataloged and archived.  That led me here, to dustinczarny.com.

I have collected my content into three main categories:  Media, Podcasts, and Writing.  In the media I have collected interviews I have done and Features that are more longform programming.  In Podcasts I have my weekly Commissioner in a Car and Zoom with Czarny podcasts as well as my infrequent Czarny Seminars an election educational programing.  Finally in my writings category I have collected my Weekly Wonks articles, Editorials in various outlets or public documents, Testimony to various government legislatures, as well as blog posts that are on current topics and don’t fall into any category.

In 2022 I had 271 posts.  Of those posts they neatly break into 3 categories Writing, Podcasts, and Media.  In 2022 I had 111 media appearances, 62 writing posts, and 98 podcast episodes.  When I launched this website in January, I wanted to collect some of my past mentions and content that I had across various social media and the web.  I have 1,079 total posts going back to my election as Elections Commissioner in 2012 which breaks down into 621 Media posts, 319 podcasts, and 139 writing.

I do break down my posts into more subcategory.  In 2022 I had 101 Media interviews and 10 features where I was a guest on a longer form program.  On Podcasts I had 54 of my weekly Commissioner in a Car which I do a Facebook lie talking about the week’s news in elections.  I did 41 Zoom with Czarny’s my weekly interview show that I have candidate for office, public officials, and Democracy advocates touch on a variety of selection and political subjects.  I also did 3 Czarny Seminar which are part of my public education on different Board of Election functions.  In writing my Weekly Wonk dominates that category with 43 different articles examining election data and statistics.  I was only able to write 1 public editorial in 2022, and I had 13 additional blog posts that didn’t fit into my other writing categories.  I also included in the graphic the all-time breakdown as well.

Finally, I decided to analyze how many posts a month I did in 2022.  It is not surprising that my media posts fluctuate monthly while my content like podcasts and writing happen more regularly on usually a weekly schedule.  Normally I produce 1 Commissioner in a Car, 1 Zoom with Czarny, and 1 weekly wonk each week.  It should not be any surprise that November is the biggest month for posts for me.  I had 27 media posts, double more than any other month.  Likewise, my content shrinks in that month as I have less time to do weekly wonks.

Thank you for following me here on dustinczarny.com.  If you subscribe you can get email updates when I post content or election news.  Subscription will always be fee and I will never have ads as I believe this is an extension of my public outreach as Elections Commissioner in Onondaga County and as Democratic Caucus Chair for the New York State Elections Commissioner Association.

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