A note to my subscribers – Switch to daily delivery

One of the purposes of this website was to catalog current future and past interviews as well as my testimony and writing. When I launched on Sunday I was able to transfer all of my Tumblr blog posts which had #wonkywednesday articles going back to August of 2020. I was also able to catalog all of my commissioner in a car and Zoom with Czarny posts as well as feature and interviews going back to August 2020 before launch.

I have some older commissioner in a cars from 2016 in already from my Youtube channel and occasionally I will be trying to add older media, Zoom with Czarny’s going back May of 2020 as well as all old interview and feature appearances and interviews going back to the start of my work as Elections Commissioner in January 2018 when I started my public Facebook page and I may even try and find older articles going back to my nomination of Elections Commissioner in September 2012.

It has come to my attention though when I post older posts many of my subscribers get email notifications. Recently I posted all of my media mentions from July 2020 and it caused a few emails to go out. I am working with WordPress on some workarounds to fix this however you may want to switch to Daily delivery of emails instead of immediate. Most of the time I imagine this website will only post one new blog a day however, n the future, specially around busy elections, there may be multiple interview and feature appearances causing four or five different blog posts.

To change your subscription delivery at the bottom of an email notification you should see a manage subscription button.

Click on the manage subscription button and it should take you to the Subscription Management page where you can change to “Daily” delivery instead of immediate.

By switching to daily delivery it will keep you from getting multiple emails a day when I post older posts or even in busier times when there may be multiple news articles a day.

Thanks for subscribing to dustinczarny.com. I hope that you stay involved and find this voter education project of mine resourceful in the new year.


EDIT: It does look like I have figured out how to add past posts without notifications going to the subscribers. I have to actually take the site to private while adding these posts, then go back and take the site public again after. I added all of June 2020 posts and now have every episode of Zoom With Czarny (which started May 22, 2020) on the website. I will continue to add to the site for past posts using this method to keep you from getting emails, though I still think it is best to switch to daily updates.

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