Newsmakers: Congressional vacancy forced by Reed resignation could force five elections for some voters

I joined Andrew Donovan for an extended look at the multiple hurdles Boards of Elections have to face in 2022 elections.

Congressman Tom Reed’s sudden resignation will likely force another election for voters in New York’s 23rd District.

A special election to fill his vacancy will likely fall between the first primary in June and the second primary in August. That’s in addition to school budget votes on May 17 and November’s general election.

On Newsmakers, hear from POLITICO’s NY reporter Bill Mahoney about Reed’s resignation and the status of the House Ethics Committee investigation into allegations he sexually harassed a lobbyist.

Then, Elections Commissioners for Tompkins County and Onondaga County talk about the multiple elections this year and how it will be hard to find poll workers, and polling locations, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and confuse voters.

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