The Capitol Pressroom: Temperatures heat up at polling sites

Sept. 27, 2022 – Onondaga County Democratic Elections Commissioner Dustin Czarny explains how tensions have escalated in recent years at polling sites and advocates for legislation imposing tougher penalties for threatening election workers. Subscribe to for all content and election news updates

National Voter Registration Day: Register to vote here – Newschannel9

NewsChannel 9 spoke with Onondaga County Democratic Elections Commissioner Dustin Czarny about how people can check if they are registered to vote before early voting begins in just 39 days.

Special elections are confusing, chaotic messes that bleed taxpayers — and could often be avoided if politicians quit before leveling up, flaming out, or dropping dead – Insider

“We’re used to having to think on our feet now in New York,” Dustin Czarny, a Democratic election commissioner in Syracuse-based Onondaga County, told Insider. “I have to be honest: This year is the worst.”

Syracuse lawmakers approve new Common Council districts drawn by citizen-led commission – WRVO

Onondaga County Elections Commissioner Dustin Czarny thinks other governments could follow suit. “I think this is a win for citizen-led redistricting, and I think people across the state are going to be looking at this.”

Syracuse can lead the nation by ratifying citizen-led redistricting (Editorial Board Opinion)

“Syracuse has a chance to make history Monday. The Syracuse Common Council is scheduled to vote on new council districts drawn by a citizen-led, independent commission. Communities around the country are watching this experiment in democracy.” This redistricting process in Syracuse is a model for how redistricting should be done. I am posting thisContinue reading “Syracuse can lead the nation by ratifying citizen-led redistricting (Editorial Board Opinion)”

Central Current Radio Episode 6

In this episode of Central Current Radio, Host Rick Wright and Editor-in-Chief Julie McMahon talk local politics and the upcoming midterm elections with longtime Onondaga County Democratic Elections Commissioner Dustin Czarny. For the latest coverage from the Central Current team go to Subscribe to for all content and election related news

Justin Coretti wins Conservative Party primary for NY Senate after recount –

“The final vote was 279 votes for Coretti and 265 votes for Abbott, according to Onondaga County Election Commissioner Dustin Czarny.”

Coretti’s lead over Abbott narrows; recount coming in Conservative primary for NY Senate –

With only 543 total votes, it’s unlikely that the hand count next week will change the results enough to make Abbott the winner. “I would be very surprised. But that’s why we do it, just to see,’’ Czarny said.

Julie Abbott and Justin Coretti appear headed for recount in Conservative race for NY

“Onondaga County Elections Commissioner Dustin Czarny said it is likely there will be a hand count.” Under the handcount law any race seperated by less than 20 votes is automatically subject to a hand count.  Though the liklihood of a lead change grows less the higher the seperation with so few ballots to count.

NY protects voting rights of racial and ethnic minorities – Times Herald

The John R. Lewis Voting Rights is “an incredibly pro-voter act,” Dustin Czarny, the commissioner of the Board of Elections in Onondaga County and the Caucus Chair for the New York Democratic Elections Commissioners.