Site Update: New Content Release Schedule

I have some changes as we prepare for the 2022 General Election season. Yes there is a primary in August but this year we have to learn to walk and chew gum while balancing on a wire over Niagara Falls. In August I am changing the way I deliver my podcast and writing content to you to allow me to continue to do the content but also be best positioned for my duties at the Onondaga County Board of Elections this busy fall season.

Since 2020 I have been doing a weekly blog post on Election and politics. Most of those came in the form of #wonkywednesday articles but also a few Sunday Thoughts articles. I have decided to combine those efforts into one weekly endeavor called the The Weekly Wonk. I will release these on the weekend. This will allow me more time to edit and gather the statistics and pieces of Election law I like to bring to the readers.

I also plan on decoupling my Seminar series from being released on Sundays. I plan on doing yearly Czarny’s Seminars on Getting on the Ballot (February), Absentee Balloting (April), Registering to Vote (August), Early Voting (October), and Previewing New Election Law Changes (December). They will take the place of my other scheduled podcasts for that week.

Speaking of my podcasts, I am also altering the release days of my podcasts. Commissioner in a Car will now release first on Facebook Live at 5pm on Tuesdays and then on Spotify and Youtube afterwards. My Zoom with Czarny weekly Interview show will release on Thursdays on all of my platforms. This new schedule will allow more time to prepare content and schedule interviews.

I launched this website in January of this year and have added almost 1k posts since then. Here is what they entail:

Media 557 Posts: Features 42, Interviews 517

Podcasts 233 Posts: Commissioner in a Car 149, Czarny Seminar 7, Zoom with Czarny 122

Writings 120 posts: Editorials 12, Testimony 20, The Weekly Wonk 88

This along with my 6 different Site updates (including this one) brings me to a toal of 965 posts. That is a good deal of posts since January but not all of it is new content. My Zoom with Czarny and Weekly Wonk content dates back to 2020. My Editorials date back to 2018. I have Testimony dating back to 2017. Commissioner in a Car Content goes back to 2016.

The bulk of the content on my website is my media archives. I have posts in there starting with my nomination as commissioner in 2012. The bulk of my content is 2016 and beyond. I have not been able to completely archive before then yet, though I plan on doing some work on that this winter.

If you are reading this I ask you consider subscribing to and get an email notification when I post election news and content updates. I am blessed to appear in the media A good deal and while I try to post no more then one post a day, closer to elections there may be several media appearances and content releases on the same day. I suggest when you subscribe you choose daily updates instead of individual updates if you want to avoid multiple emails. You can also connect with me still on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram to get more content. You can also subscribe directly to my Youtube and Spotify channels as well.

Subscribe below and thank you for taking time visiting

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