Commissioner in a Car: June Primary Eve

In this election eve podcast I talk about the numbers of Early Votes and Absentees returned, how polls will be open from 6am to 9pm tomorrow, and how you can go to to get all election information. I also react to the SCOTUS decisions and talk about why voting isn’t enough but it isContinue reading “Commissioner in a Car: June Primary Eve”

Zoom with Czarny: Jarret Berg of Vote Early NY

We once again check in with Jarret Berg of Vote Early NY. We are in the middle of the 6th EV period in NY history. We talk about the expansion of EV as well as other legislative action taken this session and other electoral reforms that need to happen. Subscribe to for content andContinue reading “Zoom with Czarny: Jarret Berg of Vote Early NY”

Zoom with Czarny: Alejandra Pollack of the NY Democratic Lawyer’s Council

This week I sit down with Alejandra Pollack the new Executive Director of the New York Democratic Lawyer’s Council. This group is the voter protection wing of the New York State Democratic Committee and plays a vital role in our Democracy. They are launching a helpline for voters this week: 1-888-3NY-VOTE (English) and 1-888-3NY-VOTA (Spanish).Continue reading “Zoom with Czarny: Alejandra Pollack of the NY Democratic Lawyer’s Council”

Commissioner in a Car: Absentee Deadline is today for June Primary.

This week’s Commissioner in a Car I talk about the end of the absentee ballot deadline (today) and start of Early Voting (Saturday). You can apply up to midnight tonight at or find your voting information, polling place, or Early Voting locations. Subscribe to for all content and election news updates.

Zoom with Czarny: Tom Keck on the first January 6th Public Hearing

I was very glad to attend a watch party for the first public January 6th Commission with some very good friends, one of them being SU professor Tom Keck. He agreed to come on the pod and give his instant reaction to what we saw Thursday night. We also talk about SCOTUS and pending cases.Continue reading “Zoom with Czarny: Tom Keck on the first January 6th Public Hearing”

Zoom with Czarny: Ted Limpert for County Court

This week I sit down with Ted Limpert for County Court. We talk about his career on City Court, his service as a decorated fighter pilot, and his work as a pilot for “angel missions”. You can follow his campaign at Enjoy. For election news and content updates subscribe to

Sunday Seminar: How to Vote Absentee for the 2022 Elections

This month’s Sunday Seminar I talk about Absentee voting in Onondaga County and New York State. Learn how to apply and vote absentee and the deadlines to do both so your ballot will count for out two primaries and the General Election. Subscribe to for content and election news updates

Zoom with Czarny: Syracuse Women’s March’s Jessica Hess

Today I sit down with Jessica Hess of the Women’s March Syracuse. We talk about the history of the organization both locally and nationally. We also talk about the perilous moment we are in with the likely demise of Roe v Wade in the Supreme Court. Enjoy. subscribe to for all election news andContinue reading “Zoom with Czarny: Syracuse Women’s March’s Jessica Hess”