Sunday Seminar: How to Vote Absentee for the 2022 Elections

This month’s Sunday Seminar I talk about Absentee voting in Onondaga County and New York State. Learn how to apply and vote absentee and the deadlines to do both so your ballot will count for out two primaries and the General Election. Subscribe to for content and election news updates

Sunday Seminar: Filing petitions and Objections 2022

This week in lieu of my regular interview I do another Sunday Seminar. How to file petitions and Objections in 2022. Learn the basics of petition filing and subsequent objections to get ready for the first filing period in a little over a week. Enjoy. Like and subscribe to for all content and electionContinue reading “Sunday Seminar: Filing petitions and Objections 2022”

Sunday Seminar: How to get on the Ballot 2022

In the first seminar of 2022 I go over the various ways to get on the ballot and the offices that are standing for election in 2022. The petition season kicks off March 1, 2022 and the election will be underway! Get all the information here! Subscribe to for all content and election newsContinue reading “Sunday Seminar: How to get on the Ballot 2022”