Losing Senate candidate Angi Renna fronts a group still trying to discredit NY’s 2020 elections – Syracuse.com

Dustin Czarny, an elections commissioner in Onondaga County, said his office received a hand-delivered copy of the petition from Renna. It included claims of problems with the county’s voter rolls.

“It is hard to respond to the specific allegations in this ‘audit’ because it lacks any specificity whatsoever,” Czarny said in an email.

“The group is opaque in its membership and the ‘examples’ they provide are not tied to any specific voter,” Czarny said. “In many cases the group provides only vague assertions and I lack the ability to pull up specific examples.”

The group claimed that 1,781 Onondaga County voters do not have an address listed in the public election records.

In response, Czarny said every active or inactive voter in the county’s database is tied to a residential address. But a small percentage of voters have physical addresses that are not released to the public because of protective court orders, he said. Other addresses may not be listed for military and overseas voters, who are still eligible to vote in New York.


One thought on “Losing Senate candidate Angi Renna fronts a group still trying to discredit NY’s 2020 elections – Syracuse.com

  1. Did the reporters ask Onondaga County BOE Commissioner Sardo for a comment? If not, why not? Did Sardo decline to comment? If so, that should be published as well. Onondaga County taxpayers pay for two Commissioners: one Republican and one Democrat – we need to hear from both of them on this publicity stunt designed to destroy faith in the integrity of our election processes. This nationwide movement by Republicans is toxic, destructive and designed to pave the way for the delegitimization of elections at every level of government. Who wants that to happen and why?


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