Outcome of Central New York’s 50th Senate District race hinges on judge’s ruling – WAER

I think between the two counties, only 14 ballots were disqualified out of 132,000 ballots,” Czarny said. “I don’t think the judge is going to throw out a whole bunch more.”

Still, Czarny said voters shouldn’t write on the ballots or sign them. Mannion is clinging to a 17-vote lead, down from about 50 after the end of a hand recount completed last week. Czarny said he’s glad the hand count law is in place, but it could use some changes.

“Mainly, we should’ve gotten the certification of our initial election first and then proceeded to a hand count,” Czarny said. “Trying to do that simultaneously caused a lot of problems with personnel and all of that, trying to get this ready.”


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