Commissioner in a Car: Democracy Day (s) in the NY Senate.

Today I talk about Democracy Day(S) in the NY Senate. 16 election related bills passed with 2 more coming net week. These reforms continue on the tradition of the NY Senate to make expanding our Democracy their first priority on the first day. Subscribe to for all election news and content updates

The Weekly Wonk: Alternative Voting in 2022

Welcome back to the #WeeklyWonk.  Each weekend I release an article on a subject relating to elections in Onondaga County and New York State.  Often these articles will have detailed stats to consume but sometimes they will be a recap of an important issue or election law.  This week is part 1 of my lookbackContinue reading “The Weekly Wonk: Alternative Voting in 2022”

January 6th 2nd Anniversary Memorial Remarks

I was honored to be a speaker at the Federal Building in Syracuse in a memorial remembering the Insurrection of January 6th on its second anniversary. I speak second but here is the whole rally. I joined Tom Keck of CNY Solidarity, NYS Senator Rachel May, Public Citizen’s Christine wood, Onondaga Votes Mary Kuhn andContinue reading “January 6th 2nd Anniversary Memorial Remarks”

Zoom with Czarny: Joe Driscoll Syracuse’s I81 manager

This week I talk to an old friend in a new role. Joseph Driscoll has been on our program as a Syracuse Common Councilor, redistricting advocate, and party activist. Today he returns in his new role as the I81 project coordinator for the City of Syracuse. Enjoy. Subscribe to for all your election newsContinue reading “Zoom with Czarny: Joe Driscoll Syracuse’s I81 manager”

2022 on

On January 1, 2022, I decided to launch  Since I became elections commissioner in 2013 one of my goals was to find ways to communicate to the public more effectively.  I started a Professional Facebook page in 2018 to amplify my already existing other social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and YouTube. Continue reading “2022 on”

The Weekly Wonk: 2022, the year that would not end.

2022 was easily the hardest year that I have experienced as an Election Commissioner.  That may seem odd considering the events of 2020, but it truly was a problematic year. Redistricting and the legal challenges that were brought in New York State dominated our electoral landscape.  It changed districts, added elections, and generally sowed chaosContinue reading “The Weekly Wonk: 2022, the year that would not end.”

Zoom with Czarny Perry Grossman of the NYCLU

In my last ZWC before the end of 2022 I thought it was important to look back on some of the more influential court decisions in New York with Perry Grossman of the NY Civil Liberties Union. We discuss Harkenrider (Redistricting) and Amedore (Absentee Ballots) and the possibility of their lingering effects into 2023. WeContinue reading “Zoom with Czarny Perry Grossman of the NYCLU”

George Santos should resign, but probably won’t.

If George Santos was a decent person, he would resign.  Of course, a decent person would not habitually lie about seemingly every aspect of their life in a desperate attempt to win political office.  We are used to politicians stretching the truth, embellishing a legislative accomplishment, but this goes so far beyond the pale.  IContinue reading “George Santos should resign, but probably won’t.”