Onondaga County switching to electronic poll books for Election Day – WRVO

“We will save on paper,” Czarny said. “We won’t be printing up on poll books. The voter experience will be easier, less affidavit ballots to process, so less man-hours. We will also have less man-hours on the post-election end, as voter history will be downloaded in a matter of seconds, as opposed to three to 20 days of data entry.”

Czarny said it will also make it easier for people who show up at the wrong polling place.

“We will be able to go in there and see where they’re supposed to vote, print them up directions, or send a direction via text to their phone,” Czarny said. “They may have to drive down the block to get to the new polling place, but then their vote will count, and they will be able to vote on the machine.” 


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