Six Early Voting Locations Open to Onondaga County Voters Starting Saturday – WAER

Democratic elections commissioner Dustin Czarny says they’ve tried to make the sites as accessible as possible.

“We pickled sites that are North, East, West and South in the county and one in the north side of the city, one in the south side of the city, to try and get these sites as close to the population centers and also some of the rural voters as well, to get people to travel as little as possible.”

Republican elections commissioner Michele Sardo agrees.

“We wanted to make sure (sites) were spread out throughout Onondaga County and that it’s demographically spread out,” she said. “There are sites in the towns and ones in the city.  Anyone can vote with early voting at any of those sites.  If you’re coming home from work, you can stop at whatever is closest to you.”

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