Democrats outraged at Onondaga County redistricting, Republicans say they’re overreacting – WRVO

Czarny raised a number of concerns at the meeting. He wants the population shifts of each town, district and ward from the 2020 Census. He wants to know who is going to draw the maps and if all the members will have access to the software. He said meeting now is taking time away from the two elections commissioners’ jobs, when they should be focusing on the November election. And things got heated when he questioned the commission’s chair, Kevin Hulslander, on his authority to decide when the public hearings will be held.

“He put his finger in my face, and yelled at me and said, ‘You said that I had authority,’” Czarny said. “I said I’m not questioning your authority, I was questioning the wisdom. But I don’t believe you have the authority to just set these meetings by yourself.”

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