Senate Majority To Pass The John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act Of New York – Harlem World

Dustin Czarny, Onondaga County Board of Elections Commissioner and Chair of the NYS Elections Commissioner Association Democratic Caucus said, “Now more than ever it is important for New York to lead on the issue of Voter protection. Passing The Rep. John Lewis Voting Rights Act (S1046E) will establish New York as a national leader in this important fight. This comprehensive first-of-its-kind bill will provide needed oversight which is especially needed with the failure of the federal courts to protect voters. This bill along with enhancing penalties for the Act to Penalize Voter Deception and Suppression  (S1032) and Preventing Electronic Interference (S118) will give New Yorkers the protection needed to ensure successful elections. Finally, the Establishing the New York Voting and Elections Database (S8202) will provide a standard for retention of election data that is vital for campaigns and activists to conduct elections and locate it in a central depository that will be a benefit for all of New York.”

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