YEAR IN REVIEW: A look back at Baldwinsville’s top stories of 2022 – Eagle News

Write-in campaign sparks election discussion

A small group of village residents held a last-minute write-in campaign to make a statement about Baldwinsville’s election process in March.

Unlike the villages of Elbridge, Solvay, Camillus, East Syracuse and Tully, Baldwinsville has long been resistant to moving its election to November, where it would fall under the Onondaga County Board of Elections’ purview. In the villages that have moved to the fall, turnout has increased by as much as 900%, according to Onondaga County Democratic Elections Commissioner Dustin Czarny.

“If it’s lower-cost for the village and professionally run elections and also a higher turnout, I don’t understand what the drawback is,” Czarny said.

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