2018 voter registration hits 10-year high in Onondaga County – Syracuse.com

“Typically, in a mid-term election, the number of new voters is only slightly higher than the number of people who die, move away or otherwise fall off the rolls. But this year, Onondaga County had a net gain of 8,293 voters between March and November. In the last mid-term election, in 2014, there was aContinue reading “2018 voter registration hits 10-year high in Onondaga County – Syracuse.com”

Your voting questions answered – CNYCentral.com

Democratic Elections commissioner Dustin Czarny says call the Board of Elections (315) 435-VOTE. They will decide if you need an affidavit or court order to cast your ballot (It’s probable you’ll have to go to the Board and talk to a judge. Both judges and lawyers will be on duty at the Board of Elections,Continue reading “Your voting questions answered – CNYCentral.com”

Commissioner in a Car: Affidavits, Absentees, and Court Orders.

Final Commissioner in a Car before Election Day. Affidavits, Absentees, and Court Orders. Ask a question live and I will answer. Visit Onondaga County Board of Electionswww.ongov.net/elections or call 315 435 VOTE or stop down to 1000 Erie Blvd. W 8:30 TO 5:00 Monday or 6am to 9pm Tuesday. https://www.facebook.com/dustinmczarny/videos/750884791928258

Newsmakers: A discussion with local Board of Election Officials – WSYR9

This week on Newsmakers, Dan’s guests are Dustin Czarny and Michele Sardo, the Democratic and Republican Commissioners for the Onondaga County Board of Elections, respectively.  The two talk to Dan ahead of Election Day. https://www.localsyr.com/news/newsmakers/newsmakers-a-discussion-with-local-board-of-election-officials/1572756678/

Commissioner in a Car: The Data Show

I leave my car for a bit to talk about the registration numbers in Onondaga County heading into November election and why I think this is going to be an historic turnout for a mid term election. I touch on Voter Registration, New Enrollments, 10 year party and Geographic changes, and absentee ballots requests forContinue reading “Commissioner in a Car: The Data Show”

Flier with absentee ballot creates buzz – WSYR9

But the real buzz is all about where the flier came from. The first page front and back is where the partisan message is and on the inside is the absentee ballot you can fill out and send in. It’s the little line right on the bottom of that second page that indicates the flierContinue reading “Flier with absentee ballot creates buzz – WSYR9”

Onondaga County voter registration spikes ahead of midterm election – CNYCentral.com

About 5,600 of those new registrants are Democrats, 2,300 are Republicans, and 4,500 did not identify with a major party. “There’s definitely an awakening to politics. Local elections matter and yes, there is a strong partisan bend to this registration as well,” Czarny said. https://cnycentral.com/news/local/onondaga-county-voter-registration-spikes-ahead-of-midterm-election